Saturday, January 10, 2009

Midway through the second half- PSU leads 65-43

The result of the Stott Center Scuffle, and I am coining that phrase was literally, nothing.

Both teams began the second half as if the incident never happened outside of the officials conducting a minute-long conference with both coaches.

Portland State player Paul Guede who hasn't played in over a month because of a stress fracture mysteriously did not join the Vikings on the court after the intermission possibly due to his involvement in the fight although that is unverified.

Guede was in street clothes on the bench and just recently got the boot taken off his foot so I would question his mobility and ability to really throw down, not that I am an expert.

Portland State continues to hold strong, sharing the ball better than usual and getting solid inside and outside play. Julius Thomas has played outstanding down on the block and controlled the paint on the defensive end.

Idaho State has found recent success off of dribble-penetration by Stucki but they seem a little out of the game at this point to make a serious run. Plus, they really struggle from beyond the arc.

It is hard seeing how this team defeated Utah (who also beat Gonzaga), and played BYU and Utah State tough. Maybe we just aren't seeing their best tonight.

Idaho State coach Joe O'Brien just got teed up and is asking to be kicked out of the game.

Maybe he wants to avoid the possibility of being in the middle of another skirmish, this one potentially coming at the end of the game on the way to the locker room.

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