Saturday, January 10, 2009

Halftime at the Stott, PSU leads 38-24

It has been a well played but rather ordinary first half here in Portland.

The story of the night, up to an interesting halftime incident that we'll discuss later, was the Vikings ability to get strong inside play from Jamie Jones, Julius Thomas and Tyrell Mara.

The three players have combined for 17 points, which is more than the Vikings got from those players all of the Weber State game. Portland State has also caused havoc by grabbing nine offensive rebounds and seven steals.

Idaho State looks solid, but to be honest, not well coached. Most of the Bengals look like they don't have true roles and outside of senior Matt Stucki, who hasn't scored, seem void of any true leadership.

The story of the half will undoubtedly be the minor scuffle that ensued as both teams tried to leave the floor to head to the locker room out the same door.

According to one unconfirmed eye witness, a Bengal player gave an extra nudge to at least one Viking as they ran into the small open way to head to the locker rooms. A gigantic pushing match ensued with players having to be separated by the Portland State coaching staff.

The cat fight was only observed by a small percentage of the crowd at first but quickly had the rest of the crowd and the entire press row running to get a view of the fracas.

It is unclear what will happen by way of official repercussion from the game referee's.

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