Monday, March 2, 2009

Free Agency '09 (or how Dan Snyder lost his damn mind)

by Vanguard Sports writer, Allison Whited

The first weekend of free agency for the NFL is a roller coaster ride like no other.

It's one of those times when in one minute your heart is so swollen with joy it could burst in and in the next you're on your knees crying and trying hold back the knot of nausea in the pit of your stomach.

There have been some great signings, things I really believe are good moves. Bart Scott to New York is a fine move by a fine head coach who seems to have the class and defensive wisdom of his father. Scott is truly one of those additions that is worth it at any price.

I do not like, as you can guess, the 'Skins free agency moves.

No, no. I know what you're thinking. I can get past the Haynesworth deal. Personally, I think he's overrated. He only performs when it's a contract year and he is injury prone, even if it is small injuries. Being without an important piece of your defense like that for even a couple of games each season is like missing a puzzle piece, but not an inconspicuous edge piece.

It's like missing the piece in the middle of the puzzle. Also, I would like to remind everyone that the man cleated Cowboys center Andre Gurode's face. Very rude and speaks loudly about his inner character. Despite the $100 million on his contract, Haynesworth will more likely see about $48 million, which while still a lot, is not $100 million.

My biggest problem is with the DeAngelo Hall deal. Six years and $54 million. Really? Really??? This is a man that was cut midway through the season by the hapless Raiders last year before being picked up by the Redskins. Really?

The deal includes $22.5 million guaranteed. It's astounding. He was not a presence in Atlanta where he began his career. He had a whopping two picks in eight games for the Skins this past season. This contract is almost on par with Raider's cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha's $15 million per year contract and his skill level is something Hall could never dream of replicating.

You cannot buy championships, can you Cowboys, Jets, and Redskins teams past? Dan Snyder should know better than to make these deals by now. Talent is inherent in players and throwing more money at them won't increase their production. All Snyder has done is lock the team into more salary cap crises in the future.

I think all the time he spent with Tom Cruise at home games in the owner's box last season must have had an adverse effect on his rational thinking... DeAngelo Hall... Really???