Sunday, December 7, 2008

Live Blog: Portland State at Oregon State- End of Game 58-24 Beavers

So the second half treated the Vikings a tad better than their six-point first-half output, however, when you slapped the two less-than-stellar 20-minute performances together the result is far from a masterpiece.

Portland State was outplayed, outschemed and outhustled in Corvallis Sunday afternoon. But you can hardly point the finger at the Beavers and blame them for the 58-24 beating the Vikings endured atop Ralph Miller Court inside Gill Coliseum.

It was the Vikings who deserve the blame for this one.

Lets hope head coach Sheri Murrell makes it clear in the post-game address to her squad that the Vikings, not the Beavers, are the reason Portland State scored a meager six points before halftime.

Lets hope Murrell tells her team they were the reason the Vikings chucked up low-percentage shot after low-percentage shot throughout the game.

And let hope Murrell explains that while the Beavers' defense was fierce, the Vikings could have done a much better job penetrating and attacking the basket.

The fundamentals were simply nonexistent for Portland State as the Vikings suffered easily their worst defeat of the season to the Beavers Sunday afternoon. It was completely unexpected that a team that had played Syracuse tough in a narrow road loss only a few weeks ago would have trouble executing the basics, such as moving the ball and dribbling through traffic without turning it over. But it happened.

The fact of the matter is the Vikings were the team that beat Portland State Sunday--and it happened at the hands of turnovers, poor shot selection and a complete lack of offensive cohesiveness.

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