Sunday, December 7, 2008

Live Blog: Portland State at Oregon State- Halftime 29-6 Beavers

It's unknown at this time what Portland State's all-time low scoring output for a half is, but Vanguard beat writer Doug Cornett and I are quite sure that the Vikings' six points in the first 20 minutes against Oregon State this afternoon is one of the worst performances ever.

Name one of the key tenets of solid basketball, and I will tell you how Portland State has violated it in some way.

How about take a high-percentage shot whenever possible. Well, thus far the Vikings have opted to settle for off-balance three-pointers and fade-away jumpers instead of moving the ball around in hopes of finding an open shooter.

One other reason Portland State has been forced to chuck up poor shots is the Beavers swarming defense. Seemingly every time the Vikings have brought the ball up the floor they have been unable to penetrate inside the three-point line because the Oregon State defense has been defended the ball with such energy and intensity.

Another tenet of solid basketball is never turn the ball over. However, Portland State has failed to adhere to that one as well. On countless occasions the Vikings have been called for traveling, with most of the infractions coming when a player has made her first move after just catching the ball or attempting a pump fake.

For the most part, Oregon State by has shown little reason for the Vikings to be intimidated on the offensive end. Sure the Beavers have outscored Portland State, however, this has been accomplished without much consistency or effectiveness when running the offense.

The bottom line is the Beavers have benefited more from Portland State's sloppy play than their own excellence on offense.

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