Saturday, October 3, 2009

Live blogging: PSU hosting Sacramento State

It's an October afternoon at PGE Park and we are ready to see some college football. The crowd is bundled up and--well, sparse to say the lease. But that--and the fact that we here at the sports desk maintain the Internet is a fad--aside, I'm going to try and give live blogging the game a shot.

As we get ready for the coin toss and kickoff, I'll provide a little background. Portland State, 1-3 on the season and 1-1 at home, is coming off a disappointing last-minute loss against Weber State, and Sacramento State, 0-3, is still looking for their first win this year.

Coin flip:

Portland State wins and elects to receive.

More after the jump.

1st Quarter-12:10
Sacramento State held the Vikings' first drive to a 3-and-out. PSU's Thomas Duyndam punts it to the Hornets, who get a holding on the return. Hooray for penalties by the opposing team!

1st Quarter-11:00
The Portland State defense is having trouble stopping the Hornets, who are steadily moving the ball down the field. On 1st-and-10 Sacramento State keeps it on the ground to take it to the Viks' 21 yard-line.

1st Quarter-8:57
The Hornets strike first!

At the PSU 15 yard line, Hornets' quarterback Jason Smith passes to receiver Brett Willis in the corner of the end zone for the touchdown. The point after kick is good. Hornets 7, Vikings 0.

1st Quarter-4:35
It looks like that touchdown woke up the Viks offense. Since the kickoff they are moving the ball down-field with a decent mix of ground attacks and passing. Receiver Lavonte Kirven snags a couple of 20-ish yard passes during the drive.

PSU has the ball at the Hornets' 20, but is held to 4th-and-3. Zach Brown's 36-yard field goal is up...high and dead-center. It's good! Hornets 7, Viks 3.

1st Quarter-2:35 

Sacramento State keeps trying the deep attack, but PSU's secondary holds strong. The Hornets are forced to punt.

1st Quarter-1:47 

PSU quarterback Drew Hubel splits the secondary with a 44-yard pass to Kirven. First-and-10 at the Hornets' 37.

Hubel tosses to Kirven in between the hash marks, and after a rolling, tumbling and bumbling the ball he somehow comes up with the catch. Where are video crews when you need 'em? That would have made a highlight reel.

End of First Quarter

2nd Quarter-14:04
The Vikings are held to 4th-and-10 and turn to Brown for the 38-yard field goal attempt--it's up, and good. Hornets 7, Vikings 6.

2nd Quarter-10:01
Portland State holds Sacramento to 4th-and-10 at their 39-yard line, forcing the punt. Woods returns it to around midfield, but two offsetting penalties bring about a re-kick. Mulligan anyone?

Hubel's pair of 10-plus passes in a row bring the ball to midfield.

2nd Quarter-9:47
A Portland State tight end gets a reception. The press booth is stunned!

2nd Quarter-8:05
After the encouraging mix of play calling that brought the tight end into the game, the Viks are forced to punt. A bouncer takes the ball down to Sacramento State's 8-yard line.

2nd Quarter-4:05 

Portland State can't seem to stop the Hornets. Runs up the middle and passes to the outside are keeping the Viks from stopping the chains.

2nd Quarter-3:17

I eat my words. The Viks defensive line holds two on fourth down. Turnover on downs at the Portland State 35-yard line.

2nd Quarter-2:47 

As Hubel said last week, the Viks are shooting themselves in the foot once again. A long pass attempt by Hubel is picked off by the Hornets, who takes the ball down to midfield.

2nd Quarter-0:57  

Hornets have the ball in the red zone and strike in the back corner of the end zone...again. Touchdown Hornets. After the point-after the Hornets now lead 14-6. Somebody buy the Vikings' secondary an alarm clock--they need to wake up.

End of First Half

Hornets 14, Vikings 6. 

In the first half, the Viks have chalked up 168 yards of total offense, and the Hornets earned 163. Hubel has completed 13 of his 20 pass attempts and has thrown one interception. Kirven leads receiving with seven caches for 123 yards.

3rd Quarter-11:22
The Hornets get the ball at the start of the half and quickly storm down-field.  After 8 plays, they cover 80 yards and top it off with a five-yard touchdown reception. Hornets 21, Vikings 6.

3rd Quarter-10:12
Portland State fails to move the ball and punts.  The Hornets take the ball at their 28-yard line. 

3rd Quarter-9:02 
The Vikings' defense must have had some coffee during half-time. They hold the Hornets to a three-and-out, forcing a punt. Woods breaks loose on the return and brings the ball to midfield. Portland State has momentum.

3rd Quarter-6:33
A reception by Nevin Lewis gives Portland State the first down, but they fail to move the ball in the three consecutive downs and punt the ball.  

3rd Quarter-5:20
Sacramento State wastes no time in moving the ball down the field.  For the first time in my life, I hear a referee say "Simultaneous catch."

3rd Quarter-2:49
A pair of receptions brings Portland State around the 30-yard line.

3rd Quarter-2:35
Vikings' running back takes a pass inside Sacramento State's 20-yard line, and fumbles when he's hit on the tackle. Portland State has seen no lucky breaks go their way this game.

End of Third Quarter
Hornets 28, Vikings 6 

Fourth Quarter-13:38
The Vikings' defense hold up and forces the punt.  Hubel's pass to Woods on the right side brings the ball out to Portland State's 38-yard line. On a third-and-three attempt Hubel tosses to Kirven for a 20-yard reception. First-and-ten inside Hornets territory.

Fourth Quarter-12:17
And the Vikings' momentum stops. 

Held on third-and-long, the Viks punt. But someone needs to remind the punter that putting the ball through the uprights on a punt attempt does NOT count for points. Hornets' ball on their 20-yard line.

Fourth Quarter-8:17
The game continues it's back-and-forth action as Sacramento State punts. The Vikings take the ball at their 18-yard line.

Fourth Quarter-8:09
Hubel's pass is picked off at the 33-yard line. Once again, Sacramento State has the ball. While the Hornets have the ball in the red zone, it might be good to note that Portland State has not scored since the second quarter.

Fourth Quarter-5:44
Sacramento State boots a 27-yard field goal.  Hornets 31, Vikings 6.

Fourth Quarter-3:00
Portland State scores their first touchdown of the game off a 22-yard touchdown pass from Hubel to receiver Nevin Lewis. The only way to make that catch look any better would involve a DeLorean and Doc Brown.

Fourth Quarter-1:29
After an unsuccessful onside kick, Portland State's defense held the Hornets, who held the Vikings, who then punted the ball. I think it's safe to say we are out of this game.

End of Game
Final score is Sacramento State 31, Portland State 14.


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