Monday, March 9, 2009

Marnix, our student blogger predicts the conference tourneys...sort of

By now, most of you will have familiarized yourselves with our student and unabashed Viking fan, Marnix Brinkhoff.

He took a few days off but Marnix is back with a guest post about how he feels the men's and women's basketball teams will do in the Big Sky Tournament's this weekend.

With March Madness around the corner that can mean only one thing: Conference Tournaments!

With the Men’s Big Sky Tournament kicking off tomorrow and the women’s later this week here are my predictions for both Tournaments this week.

Men’s Semifinals:

Portland State vs. Idaho State: I predict PSU wins this match-up, because the team is rested and hopefully pumped for the opportunity to play again on television with an opportunity to defend their Big Sky Conference Crown.

Weber State vs. Montana State: Even though MSU is the only team to beat Weber State in conference this year, the Wildcats are no joke and come to play every night.

Men’s Final:Weber State v. Portland State.

I believe the Vikings will show up to this one, but with the poise and leadership the Wildcats have, I’m going to have to give the edge to Weber State.

It pains me to say such a thing and I’ve never wanted to be proved wrong more, but I believe the Wildcats are going to win, because they are consistent, have worked hard and gotten better all year.

Even though the bright lights of ESPN will be shining again, I just don’t see the lethargic Vikings being able to pull off what I would classify as a huge upset.

Women’s Semifinals:

Screw it, lets just get straight to the inevitable finale: Portland State and Montana.

Portland State vs. Montana: The clash of the two titans in Big Sky women’s basketball should be quite the match-up.

Last Saturday’s game would have been quite the match-up too, but Comcast is too sexist to cover the game I guess, but I digress.

My prediction for next week’s match-up is that the Vikings pull off the victory and gain a berth to the NCAA tournament, because Kelsey Kahle and Claire Faucher are just too big of competitors to let another “W” slip through their grasp.

Besides, I’m still a Viking fan and I still hate Montana so there is no way I can predict them to win.

Well, those are my predictions. You can like them or you can hate them. I may be wrong or I may be right, but either way be sure to tune in and cheer the Vikings on!

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