Friday, March 20, 2009

First Half: Xavier 12 Portland State 7

Things just kicked off here at Taco Bell Arena in Boise, and thus far the action looks to be pretty fast-paced, which favors Portland State in the end due to the Vikings lack of size and the team's overall quickness.

From the outset, senior point guard Jeremiah Dominguez has been impressive, scoring five of the Vikings' first seven points and looking extremely comfortable against this athletic Xavier squad. Dominguez is known for shining brightest when the stakes are the highest, so his play should act as an excellent barometer for how the Vikings will fare in this opening round matchup.

One immediate mismatch for Portland State is Dominguez drawing the assignment of 6-foot-5 guard Dante Jackson on the defensive end of the court. Dominguez, at only 5-6, may have a tough time contesting Jackson's shots and if Xavier almost always has a post-up opportunity in the paint if they choose to exploit it.

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