Sunday, December 28, 2008

PSU athletic department takes down the Vanguard

As we reported on our blog several weeks ago, the athletic department took on the Vanguard sports staff in a friendly game of roundball. The results were not good....

Not good if you root for the Vanguard I mean.

To be honest, the sports staff was without one of their finest players and took the court with a lineup of a couple of solid players that had never really played together.

We also featured one Vanguard vagabond, a former arts and culture editor, who admittedly had not strapped up his high-tops in three years.

The athletic department staff... well they certainly had their numbers. Beyond Torre Chisholm and Zack Wallace (pictured) the staff also brought assistant athletic trainer Duane Dewey, sports information bigman Ryan Borde and head equipment man Rick McReynolds to the game.

Their depth eventually took its toll on the beleaguered Vanguard staff. We couldn't hit a shot, couldn't play good defense and probably were doubled up in the rebound department.

The game certainly had its intense moments, (although it probably wasn't as bad as this) but all in all, sportsmanship and camaraderie were the key themes.

The athletic department also brought in a ringer- well kind of. Jeff Boone who is the student leader of the fan group "The Horde" also played. I play with Jeff on the same intramural team and was worried he might be a difference maker. He was.

We should have known there was trouble brewing when at the last moment Chisholm moved the game from the main gym in the Stott Center to the smaller and more dimly lit small gym downstairs and eliminated the main scoreboard one of the big-game elements he had promised us...

There will likely be a rematch at some point, so I don't want to give away the scouting report although I will give you one little tidbit.

Torre Chisholm= not half bad.

The man known in the Vanguard newsroom as "T-Chis" can scrap down low in the paint. This despite his affinity for wearing some unusually short shorts.

Certainly not as short as Washington tight end Chris Cooley, who sported these during Redskins' training camp, thankfully, but short nonetheless. I even heard one of his teammates wondering under the breath if the athletic director was just playing in his boxer shorts.

Anyhow be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more Portland State sports news...

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