Monday, December 22, 2008

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto

Tough to say anything about the weather that hasn't been said already but Snowmageddon 2008/Arctic Blast/ The End of the World... seems to be here to stay and it is sure having a dramatic impact on the Rose City sports scene.

Editor-in-chief- Nathan Hellman and I were planning on making the six hour drive to Spokane tomorrow to watch the Vikings take on Gonzaga in what should be a very entertaining ball game. But given this, it doesn't look promising that we, or the basketball team, will make it.

Hopefully the squad travels safely if they do decide to go, and if they don't, lets all hope that the game can be rescheduled.

Meanwhile, the Vikings kicked off their Big Sky season on Saturday in front of just 415 at the Stott Center on Saturday. The squad seemed to handle Montana with some ease although there are still some causes for concern with this squad.

The dynamic perimeter trio of Jeremiah Dominguez, Andre Murray and Phil Nelson have yet to click together for an entire game.

Murray has been the clubs most consistent player averaging better than 11 points per game. Dominguez and Nelson have both battled a slow start.

Dominguez missed several games with a finger injury but seems recovered. Nelson played his best game against Montana. But Nelson still does not seem completely comfortable within the framework of Ken Bone's roll-the-ball-out offense and Dominguez seems a bit hesitant to take over games the same way he did so frequently for the Vikings last season.

The Vikings are also getting little or no production from either of their power forwards, Kyle Coston and Tyrell Mara. Both have struggled, forcing shots, making errant passes and failing to provide a strong rebounding prescence that the Vikings desperately need.

Unfortunately, with their lack of size and depth, Bone is forced to continue playing one of the two.

Stay posted to the blog. If the weather clears up, which looks highly unlikely at this point, we may still try to brave the elements and head for Spokane. If not we will be watching the game on FSN Northwest (if it happens) and listening to the homer call. Don't forget that Craig Ehlo handles the commentary.

Yes, that Craig Ehlo.

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